our mission

Enerhack's mission is to educate people starting from the youngest about the importance of energy and the most effective methods to optimize and produce clean energy.


We provide certificates to students who successfully complete our courses. These credentials are recognized and appreciated by our sponsors and allies in Scandinavian countries, and they become more significant and valuable as we expand our activities in other European regions and the Middle East.

We provide knowledge and essential skills regarding the entire chain of execution of the course to the extent that after successfully finishing the course, participants will have the essential requirements and may start using their knowledge to earn profit while molding a brighter future.

We will share open-source applications and software relating to the course topic that can be employed by the participants right away.
We are Enerhacktically enthusiastic team that has combined our experiences and skills to share more knowledge in the world of energy.

  • Igor Krupenski
    Co-Founder & CEO

    Igor is the father of our main goals and values.

  • Alesja Nehhožina
    Development Manager

    Alesja assists in organizing and putting all of ideas and values into practice.

  • Kristiina Tammik
    Project Manager of Courses

    Kristiina makes sure our courses with the Estonian Association of Thermal Engineers are useful.
  • Liise Marie Reinik
    Project Manager of Courses

    Liise makes sure our courses with the The Estonian Society of Heating and Ventilation Engineers are useful.

  • Marion Mets
    Project Manager of Kids

    Marion delivers our developed program on the subject of energy both locally in schools and online.
  • Randar Kuuskmäe
    Project Manager of Kids

    Randar has developed several practical experiments that he uses to conduct exciting children's workshops.
  • Kätlin Smirnov
    Project Manager of HR

    Kätlin spends hours making our clients feel cared for and enjoying their communication with the company.
  • Mohammad Kadkhodaei

    International Project Manager

    Mohammad creates Enerhack initiatives in other countries.